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Mi Jin Park

Composer, Lyricist


'Bonryang', a composer and lyricist, has a stage name with an episode called 'Hanryang' since he was born. Having majored in composition in Korea, he stands out in music specialized in analog sound. He formed a band (bluelegs) with his classmates during his school days and won the grand prize at the Chungju Music Creation Center Band Contest. In addition, he also shows a unique sense in the lyric part. 2021 Gangwon Contents Korea Lab Creation Contest Awarded the grand prize title: Memory (Memory) is also his work. Currently, he is working as an exclusive composer for Dong-Ak-Noir and an engineer at Dong-A-K-Noir Studio, and as a leader of the retro sound duo 'Chunbaek Yeonhwa', which announced its start with the 2021 'Imaginary City' album.



박미진 Mi Jin Park
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[Jazz/Piano] (03) 박미진 - 축혼 행진곡 (Jazz ver.) I박미진 1집 앨범, 웨딩 마치 (Wedding March)
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[Jazz/Piano] (04) 박미진 - 결혼 행진곡 (Jazz Full ver.) I 박미진 1집 앨범, 웨딩 마치 (Wedding March)
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[Jazz/Piano] (05) 박미진 - 축혼 행진곡 (Jazz Full ver.) I 박미진 1집 앨범,  웨딩 마치 (Wedding March)
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Soyoung Joung - Artist Manegement ​

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Kang Dong Hoon - Managerial Associate

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Wedding March

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