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​Regret Too Late

00:00 / 03:35

02. row

Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd5youngtae Kim

Release   2023-01-21

Genre      trot

01. My mother in a dream
02. row
03. My mother in a dream (Inst.)
04. No-Jeo-Ra (Inst.)


​Album Introduction

[Realization of life, family and time] There are things I wish I knew since I was born. The precious moments of life, family and people that you only learn about after time passes... Kim Young-tae chose the name of his first album as [Regret Too Late]. We live with many choices, I believed it was the best then, but looking back, there are times when I feel that I needed a different choice then. This album has a deep meaning for Kim Young-tae, who knows the inflection point of life better than anyone else. The first track of the album, [My Mother in a Dream], is a song that expresses love for a mother that everyone can relate to through mournful lyrics and music. Kim Young-tae's unique tone, which expresses the emotions felt in the abyss, is impressive. Kim Young-tae's debut album, which recorded the inspirations of the moment of living! His message in [Regret Too Late] intersects with subtle feelings of remorse and hope that our lives may start again from now on.

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