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Music For Ballet Class 'Journey'

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​24. Port de bras&Reverence (3/4, 2+32+8 counts)

Artist        Kim Joo-young

Release    2019-02-01

ballet music


​Album Introduction
Music for Ballet Class 'Journey' Composer and pianist 'Kim Joo-young''s first ballet class album 'Journey' captures the journey of life through ballet music. The happiness and joy felt from traveling alone or with loved ones, as well as dim memories and reminiscences, are uniquely and Artist 'Kim Joo-young', who puts it in a musical language that anyone can relate to, composed, arranged, and performed the entire album to suit ballet class music. The 24 songs composed of barwork and centerwork are based on the baganova technique, and the classical & jazz expressions are well harmonized, making it an album suitable for beginners, middle and advanced ballet students.

artist introduction
Jooyoung Kim, an artist who plays with stories of vague sensibility Jooyoung Kim, who pursues a crossover between classical music and jazz, has excellent musical technique and sense in 'dance music' as well as pure classical music and jazz music. He is active as a composer and arranger of various genres based on piano playing, and is affiliated with Korea National University of Arts as a major in dance music and a researcher at the Institute of Western Dance Music.

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