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Ballet Class - Bar Work Story You & I

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One.long ago to you

Artist        Jeong So-young

Release    2012-01-16

New Age


​Album Introduction
You & I can be lovers, family, ballet, music... anything. Precious daily life that the two of you can do may seem a bit simple, but in fact, it is the ultimate luxury. The reason why we can still have a pure heart may be because we had these experiences. May you always be by your side and have a grateful heart for the happiness of everyday life. This album consists of bar work only among music for ballet class. It is a song that contains the characteristics of each movement, and some movements are played at a slow tempo. This album is not only music for ballet class, but also an album that sings about our life and love that anyone can easily and comfortably listen to.

artist introduction
Composer Chung So-young, who is spreading a variety of music worlds centered on dance music, completed her bachelor's and master's courses at Korea National University of Arts and worked mainly in New York. Currently, after returning to Korea, he is a music planner and musician pursuing an academic yet practical world of music through a doctoral course at Kyung Hee University.

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