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Augmented Reality (AR)

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3. Space

Artist        Jeong So-young

Release   2019-12-11

ballet music


​Album Introduction
Dance music composer Jeong So-young vol. 4 'Augmented Reality (AR)' It is the result of musicalizing images of virtual world and augmented reality together with fragments of dance movements. As we enter the era of VR, AR, XR, and AI, the aspects of life and culture are gradually changing, but we must not forget that the goal we should truly pursue is to pursue human happiness and realize human happiness. This is an album that contains the composer's message. However, I hope you also remember that music can change in any form and meaning depending on the choreographer's intention. [Tr. 1&2] The beginning of the album started with elements of Sound Design in the virtual world, [Tr. 3&4] gradually reflects the augmented reality elements coexisting with the compositional form. [Tr. 5] Finally, it comes back in the form of Sound Design, which expresses the mixed world.

artist introduction
Composer Chung So-young, who is spreading a variety of music worlds centered on dance music, completed her bachelor's and master's courses at Korea National University of Arts and worked mainly in New York. Currently, after returning to Korea, he is a music planner and musician pursuing an academic yet practical world of music through a doctoral course at Kyung Hee University.

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