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dorere comma

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1. Dorere Comma (Vocal Noh Eun-hye)

Artist        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd_5 Friends

Release    2020-01-09

Genre      ballad


​Album Introduction
Lee Kyu-young & Friends 4th album 'Dorere Rest' The sound you hear when you press the phone button 1990 is 'Dorere Rest'. The old days, which were full of young and fresh and beautiful memories that everyone would have had, are projected into the symbolic era of 1990. 'Love is gone, days are gone, memories are gone, beautiful days are gone, and a plate of tears is left behind' Looking at the beautiful images of my past life, the current me is going through that regret and dealing with the reality of never going back, but when I think about it again It is a work that contains the composer's strong message not to forget that this moment is also a young and beautiful time. Vocalist Noh Eun-hye's voice with a strong appeal enhances the perfection of the work through her own sorrowful emotions and unique musical techniques to highlight its meaning.

artist introduction
Lee Kyu-young & Friends debuted in 2009 with their 1st album [Gasiri]. Composer Lee Gyu-young, the leader of the team, is an artist who expresses simple daily life and thoughts with a unique musical color through rich sensitivity and a unique perspective. Artists (Friends) who participated in the album include Gong Doo-hwan, Kim Yong-chang, Noh Eun-hye, Yang Jeong-mo, Won Ju-yeon, Lee Da-ram, Jang Bo-young, Hyun Su-rin, and Hong Jeong-hee.

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