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Music Ballet Class (Special Edition)

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14. Sweet dreams (Waltz II)

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Release    2019-05-21

ballet music


​Album Introduction
A special edition album where you can meet the charm of ballet class music and the world of pianist Narmin Eliasova at the same time. Among the 66 songs of the Ballet Class regular album released on November 11, 2018, this album contains 14 gem-like original songs selected by Korean artists and new Korean songs. The music and performance of Narmin Eliasova, which inspires ballet dancers and leaves a lasting impression on ordinary people, gives us a special impression. In particular, Yoo Jae-ha's songs will be remembered as great performances of this era with sorrowful music that resonates deeply with the heart of a musician who loves Korea.        - 즉흥 발레피아니스트 나르민 엘리아소바와 무용음악가 정소영의 발레클래스 Harmony - All the songs on the album were improvised without any prepared sheet music or practice by the musicians. The pianist performed freely within the basic framework set by the producer, and the entire process was possible because Narmin was a musician who knew exactly the characteristics of all ballet movements and the musical nuances that fit them.   In addition, the rich sense of harmony and various musical structures shown in the album show her unique artistic color due to her artistic inspiration and various senses gained through exposure to the cultures of many countries.   Jung So-young and Narmin Eliasova, who are engaged in various activities with great intentions in dance music, have a great appreciation for introducing albums and music that contain the sincere heart of musicians to many Koreans who love ballet. I am feeling joy.

artist introduction
Born in Azerbaijan, a country on the Caspian Sea that connects the East and the West and Europe and Asia, Narmin Eliasova graduated from the Baku National University of Music and Master's degree and worked as a ballet pianist at the Baku National University of Music and the National Theater of Azerbaijan. Since 2008, he has been working as a ballet class and ballet rehearsal pianist at John Neumeier's Hamburg Ballet and Ballet School, residing in Hamburg, Germany, a city of world culture. He also took part in jazz performances, including the 2002 Caspian Jazz and Blues Festival. In particular, as an international ballet pianist who enjoys improvisation through various works with world-famous ballet masters, he is a guest pianist of the National Ballet (KNB), a senior researcher at the Institute of Western Dance Music, and an exclusive artist for Dongaknua. no see.

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