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Ballet On Piano (Like A Butterfly)

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16. Butterfly Waltz: Port de Bras

Artist        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd_5

Release    2020-11-05

Genre      functional music, ballet music


​Album Introduction
A musical message with pure and clean sensibility, Joeun Major's 1st regular album [BALLET ON PIANO] Her first album [Ballet on Piano], composed for Kids & Junior ballet class, has two meanings. Ballet expressing freedom on top of piano music, and piano music created by ballet movements. This album appropriately captures these two meanings based on    Jang Jo-eun's lyrical and lively performance. The album's subtitle [Like a Butterfly] symbolizes the dance and freedom of flying butterflies, and the titles of the 20 tracks evoke various imaginations about ballet movements and specific scenes. Her debut album, BALLET ON PIANO (Like a Butterfly), which conveys a simple yet calm emotion, provides a jewel-like time to return to the world of innocence, recalling the innocent childhood not only for Little & Junior dancers who perform ballet, but also for anyone.

artist introduction
Artist Joeun Jang is a pianist and composer who sees the world through music. The music story she tells, pursuing various genres of music, contains her own warm gaze and sophistication in dealing with music.

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