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Things Far Away (Special Edition)

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13. Things Far Away

Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd5cf58d_ Kim Siwon

Release   2021-06-25

ballet music


​Album Introduction
Romantic ballet pianist Siwon Kim's special edition album 「Things far away」, which combines popularity and artistry. Composer and pianist Siwon Kim travels, seasons, memories, and luck. I drew <Things in the distance> with the frames of four scenes. Things that are far away are not things that have gone far away. Things that are far away from the beginning Things that are far away, things that are longed for, things that are far away that shine and are beautiful, things that we can dream of forever because we can't catch them like a rainbow. Song: It consists of 24 ballet class music selected from [Song of Origin]. The song is filled with beautiful titles made with the emotions of artist Siwon Kim and images according to four scenes, not in class order. Artist Siwon Kim, who has the face of music, ballet, literature, and travel writer, will be with us for a long time as an artist who communicates more closely through various attempts in art.

artist introduction
Ballet pianist Kim Si Won is an artist who is well aware of the sincerity of the two languages of ballet and music, and is carrying out various artistic activities such as performances and lecture concerts that combine culture and art with her own artistic color. As a new 21C type dance musician who adds newness from classical repertoire and musical techniques to new forms and various art genres leading to the 4th industrial revolution, he is active as an artist belonging to the Western Dance Music Research Institute and Dong-Ak-Noir.

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