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side of summer

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1. A Side of Summer

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Release    2021-08-01

New Age


​Album Introduction
The scent, memories, and atmosphere of that unforgettable summer. On one side of our summer, memories of gently tickling our armpits through the frightening sunlight permeate everywhere. Memories of summer nights when the hot days seem to never end. We grow through the memories of one side of summer and live another season. This single album takes place in the summer of listeners who listen to music, so they can soak up their stories and nostalgia in their weary daily lives. [From Composer's Note] * In your summer   Sitting on the edge of summer. Fish wagging their tails while eating a spoonful of clouds submerged in the pond Ditches that stretched like a long clothesline along the windy path Thick raindrops that hit the cabin when I woke up from a nap Like a red watermelon, the voice that called me through the hot air The night when I saw the stars studded with grains of corn Your back, which was cool without an air conditioner I sit leaning on the summer back you gave me.   

artist introduction
Artist Joeun Jang is a pianist and composer who sees the world through music. The music story she tells, pursuing various genres of music, contains her own warm gaze and sophistication in dealing with music.

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