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Someone to lean on (Special Album Of 12 Years)

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12. Lean on    

Artist        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd_5 Friends

Release    2021-08-28

Genre      Standard Jazz


​Album Introduction
[Debut 12 years, artist Lee Gyu-young communicates with the public through sincere music] It has been 12 years since composer Lee Gyu-young, who expresses small daily life with innocence and sincerity, approached the public. His music, which unfolds creative music in various styles with the keywords of 'standard jazz' and 'simplicity of Korea', tells us the story of music life with a consistent theme. ['People to lean on' Lee Gyu-young & Friends 12th Anniversary Album] This commemorative album features the best songs of composer Lee Kyu-young in the style of a standard jazz trio. A total of 17 songs are composed of instrumental music without lyrics, giving us a new feeling and various jazz genres such as swing, bossa, and samba. * The person I lean on, the only person on the ground The person I lean on The person I lean on I walk while looking straight ahead I live forgetting and suddenly feeling alone and far away I think of the scenery I saw while riding a bicycle in my childhood If the world moves at that speed, even the thirsty blades of grass and hungry birds will see I would be able to give it to you, but before I can even come to my senses, I run to this world, an endless and eternal road....... One day, this endless road will come to an end. will remain here, like the starlight in the night sky, like the sound of rain, in this song.

artist introduction
Lee Kyu-young & Friends debuted in 2009 with their 1st album [Gasiri]. Composer Lee Gyu-young, the leader of the team, is an artist who expresses simple daily life and thoughts with a unique musical color through rich sensitivity and a unique perspective. Artists (Friends) who participated in the album include Gong Doo-hwan, Kim Yong-chang, Noh Eun-hye, Yang Jeong-mo, Won Ju-yeon, Lee Da-ram, Jang Bo-young, Hyun Su-rin, and Hong Jeong-hee.

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