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The Hills Of Wind

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01. Hill of Wind

Artist        Jang Bo-young

Release   2021-09-17

New Age, Pops Orchestra


​Album Introduction
This is a collaboration album between pianist Jang Bo-young and flutist Jeong Jae-eun, who participated in many commercials. Artist Jang Bo-young composed all the tracks of the album with inspiration from Geoje Island at the end of the land, and artist Jeong Jae-eun added to the impression with beautiful orchestral melodies and harmony. We hope that the beauty of Mother Nature can be felt in Korea through the music of these two artists. The first track, 'Wind Hill', is the album's title track, and was composed while looking at the famous 'Wind Hill' located in Haegeumgang, Geoje Island. The second track, 'On The Sunset', has the same name as the cafe located in Geoje Island. The sunset here is famous for its beauty. This song was composed while looking at the sunset and thinking about life and music. The third track, 'Rain Drops', was written while looking at the rain falling on the sea in Geoje. The last track, 'Meditation', is a song that contains Jang Bo-young's feelings after arriving in Geoje Island for the first time. We hope that the same impression will be conveyed to the listeners in the direction of the two artists' work.

artist introduction
Artist Jang Bo-young, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, is a charming jazz pianist who harmonizes the most American jazz style with her own distinctive color. Her performance, which has a sense of variety and musical space at the same time, has an excellent ability to reinterpret various genres of music into her own story. Currently, he is working as an artist under Dongaknua.

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