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beautiful times

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02. Warm morning sunlight

Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd5jin Oh

Release    2021-10-21

New Age


​Album Introduction
Artist Oh Soo-jin, who writes poetry through music, 1st regular album [Beautiful Times] Oh Su-jin, who expresses attachment and love for life through music, chose 'love' as the theme for her debut album. What we learn when we are with someone other than ourselves gives us various experiences and growth. Artist Sujin Oh is telling us one by one the many things that happen in it, as if writing poetry with music. * Beautiful times, long years of dreaming, time that has stopped happens The sound of footsteps returning beyond the scattered memories like clouds Passing through the cold and lonely dawn Your vacancy that comes once in a while When the silver morning sunlight shines We can walk again We can love again

artist introduction
Artist Sujin Oh is a composer and pianist who mainly works on the piano. As an artist who values the musical domain that the instrument piano can express and the seriousness of the composer, he is currently working as an exclusive artist for Dong-Aknua.

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