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Wedding March

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03. Marriage March (Jazz ver.)

Artist        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd5jin Park

Release    2021-11-03

Genre      standard jazz, anthem


​Album Introduction
Sophisticated composer Park Mi-jin's debut album Wedding March Composer Park Mi-jin, who is building her own music world by crossing various genres such as classical, jazz, and gospel, based on practical music, has released her first album. Marriage, which everyone dreams of at least once in life, has been reborn as jazz music with a wide depth so that anyone can sympathize with the meaning and memories. The first song, 'The Beginning of Spring', which compares the beginning of life to spring, is a work with freshness enough to remind us of our youth. On our wedding anniversary, you were standing there, under the bright sunlight, looking at you, dazzling in the new buds, I couldn't say anything my love, you were in everything in the world   We will be together every moment Just as budding branches endured the cold winter, no matter what cold season comes, I will not let go of my warm hands My life, through day and night, beyond all seasons, until I don't know what time is [Composer's Note] Composer Mijin Park's first mini-album  'Wedding March' In commemoration of our marriage on March 6, 2021... One of the important episodes in life, some of the songs composed and arranged for the wedding day are included in this mini album. put in

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