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the habit of looking at the sky

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03. Under the Starlight

Artist        Kim Hwajeong

Release    2022-03-26

New Age, Easy Listening/Instrumental, Functional Music


​Album Introduction
Kim Hwa-jung's 1st album [The Habit of Looking at the Sky], which created meaningful time with music, For some people, music is life and life is music. For others, music is relaxation, and relaxation is music. The album [The Habit of Looking at the Sky] shows us both of these aspects. The songs composed with the inspiration the artist got on the way home from work arouse sympathy as if they contained the stories of us who always want to have a fierce life and a comfortable leisure time together.

┃Composer's Note┃ I have a habit of looking up at the sky in the middle of my busy life. On days when I get off work early, I feel relaxed as I walk down the road covered with the sunset, and I capture it as a fuzzy memory while looking at the sky slightly covered with leaves beyond the car window on the way. On a particularly exhausting and busy day, before entering the house, I look up at the twinkling stars in the pitch-black night sky and get comforted. - The sky looks different as if it were the same every day. It is very similar to the way we live day by day. Each other's day is different as if it were the same. I put that subtle feeling into music. TR 1. The End Of The Sunset: 6pm, when the sunset is over the horizon, is usually my time off work. The sky in our neighborhood is very pretty. The pink sky at sunset burns bright red, and then darkness slowly sets in. By the time we reached our destination, the sun had almost set. By the time the sunset ends, the day is organized without my knowledge. TR 2. Between The Trees : I took a car with my friends and headed to the glamping site in Chuncheon. Through the large trees on both sides of the road, the wind and sky that you can feel as you cross them, you realize that you have escaped from your daily life. Nature always brings us rest and peace. The fuzzy feeling I felt at that time remained in my heart, and I wanted to put it into music. TR 3. Under The Starlight : It was a day where I didn't even have time to look at the sky. I couldn't even finish my work, but the night was getting late. Still, I want to see the sky at least once. It was a day when I was comforted by the twinkling stars in the dark and lonely night sky.

artist introduction


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