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i don't have

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1. I don't have (Vocal Hyun Surin)

Artist        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badd_5 Friends

Release   2010-07-28

Indie music, jazz


​Album Introduction
Composer Lee Kyu-young and his friends released the 2nd album 'I don't exist', 'Lee Kyu-young & Friends' following the 1st album 'Gasiri'. In addition to Jooyeon Won, who sang ‘Gashiri’ and ‘Road’ in the first album, and Junghee Hong, who sang ‘You are the only sky in the world’, Surin Hyun, a new guest vocalist, participated in this album. Overall, the 2nd album is expressed in three colors: loneliness, longing, and resignation. In addition to the emotional and bluesy feel of the title song ‘I don’t exist’ (Vocal: Surin Hyun), the ballad ‘Someone to Rely on’ (Vocal: Gyuyoung Lee), the title song of the 1st album ‘Gasiri’ (Vocal: Jooyeon Won), the standard ballad ‘My Hope’ Eun' (Vocal: Surin Hyun), bossa nova song 'Shaking cigarette ash on a lover's forehead' (Vocal: Jooyeon Won), and acoustic rock ballad 'Old Watercolor' (Vocal: Junghee Hong).

artist introduction
Lee Kyu-young & Friends debuted in 2009 with their 1st album [Gasiri]. Composer Lee Gyu-young, the leader of the team, is an artist who expresses simple daily life and thoughts with a unique musical color through rich sensitivity and a unique perspective. Artists (Friends) who participated in the album include Gong Doo-hwan, Kim Yong-chang, Noh Eun-hye, Yang Jeong-mo, Won Ju-yeon, Lee Da-ram, Jang Bo-young, Hyun Su-rin, and Hong Jeong-hee.

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