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to the 18th of October

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01. To October 18th


Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-586badd5cf_Dongaknua

Release    2022-09-03

Genre      ballad


​Album Introduction
'Dear October 18th', a music album inspired by painting works, is by painter KB. It is music that contains the art world and life of L (Cave. L). KB, a painter who has an outstanding talent for depicting the exquisite moments of life and the psychology of modern people. L debuted in Europe as an artist who inspires a lot in music and literature. This album, which contains his artistry, has been written with sincere lyrics about the longing for his first love and how to express his feelings that he finally learned after time passed. Composer Jung So-young, who aims for convergence content, was in charge of producing the album, and Shin Jun-cheol, a composer with delicate emotional lines and rich harmony, took charge of lyrics and composition, and Yoon Ji-hye, who has an attractive voice, took charge of vocals. This album, which has the same title as the artist's collection of paintings, 'To October 18', is a convergence content based on storytelling, and will serve as a catalyst for art to more easily reach the public.

artist introduction
Under the slogan of 'Music with life', Dongaknua is a record production company that pursues the convergence of pure music and practical music, and is engaged in activities to create various contents centering on the genre of 'music'.

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