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I Got Something (Feat. Lee Da-ram)

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01. I Got Something (Feat. Lee Da-ram) Title

Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-586badd5cf_Jeong So-young

Release   2022-12-06

Genre      crossover jazz


​Album Introduction
'I Got Something feat. Lee Da-ram' is light-hearted jazz style music that contains the lyrics of a lover who is just starting to fall in love and wants to be together forever. Composing and arranging Jung So-young, and lyrics written by Bon-ryang and Jung So-young following the album 'Memory', and Bon-ryang is the representative composer and lyricist of the new generation artist group 'Chunbaek Yeonhwa'. For the performance, pianist Jang Bo-young from Berkeley and bassist Yang Jung-mo participate in the graceful collaboration and sensuous performance, and drummer Choi Joseph, who is active in various genres in Korea, participates to enhance the perfection of the song.
Let's enjoy a different version of 'I Got Something' featuring singer-songwriter Lee Da-ram.

artist introduction

Composer Chung So-young, who is spreading a variety of music worlds centered on dance music, completed her bachelor's and master's courses at Korea National University of Arts and worked mainly in New York. Currently, after returning to Korea, he is a music planner and musician pursuing an academic yet practical world of music through a doctoral course at Kyung Hee University.

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