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Maum Ballet Music: Starlight Concert (Live)

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01. Maum Ballet Music: Wind Waltz (Trio ver.)


Artist      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-586badd5cf_Jeong So-young

Release    2022-12-25

Genre      Ballet / Jazz / New Age



​Album Introduction

Composer and art planner Jeong So-young The healing content for modern people that she planned is 'Maum Ballet Music'. Her efforts to popularize ballet music through 2022 LP album, art convergence performance, broadcasting, and concert were able to get closer to the public through this concert planning. The album 'Maeum Ballet Music Starlight Concert' is an album that vividly captures the music performed live with the audience at cafe Troy on November 25, 2022. Artist Jang Bo-young of Dong-Ah Noir is a jazz pianist and composer who has excellent arranging skills as well as performing skills. Artist Choi Jeong-wook, who joined as a special guest, is a crossover cellist representing Korea who is active as a soloist in Woongsan, Malo, and Japanese guitarist 'Goro Ito' album work, NHK drama local recording, and various Korean film music. Her performance, which evoked admiration from the audience with her soul-touching and deep performance, added beauty to this [Starlight Concert]. Yang Jeong-mo, an artist of Dong-Ah Noir, majored in contrabass at Dong-A University of Media and Arts and is a convergence artist who encompasses all aspects of music, including composition, production, sound engineer, and art management. He is a talented performer who is well versed in contra & electric bass, and his live performance and stage are highly expected in the future.

artist introduction

Composer Chung So-young, who is spreading a variety of music worlds centered on dance music, completed her bachelor's and master's courses at Korea National University of Arts and worked mainly in New York. Currently, after returning to Korea, he is a music planner and musician pursuing an academic yet practical world of music through a doctoral course at Kyung Hee University.

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