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Libertango: Piano Four Hands

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01. Libertango: Piano Four Hands

Artist          _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

Release    2020-07-02

Classical crossover, tango, jazz


​Album Introduction
A feast of freedom unfolding on one piano 'Lee So-jin & Choi Young-shin' Libertango: Piano Four Hands Piazzolla's famous song Libertango, which has been loved by many people, and a wide range of chords that can express various chords. instrument piano. [Libertango: Piano Four Hands], an album born from these two ideas This album is the first collaboration work that contains the special features of two artists, composer and pianist 'Lee So-jin & Choi Young-shin'. 'Lee So-jin & Choi Young-shin', pursuing a world of music that combines various genres such as classical music, jazz, and practical music, shows the charm of two hands playing on the same piano through this album to the fullest. It is a perfect piece for a piano concert because it contains faithful arrangements that make Piazzolla's original music stand out more and various techniques that keyboard instruments can express. Piano Four Hands Tango by two artists 'Lee So-jin x Choi Young-shin'! Their music, which expresses freedom and passion as if they were dancing on the piano, will come to many music fans as inspiration for a new life for a long time.

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