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Lim Youngseo

Composer, Lyricist


Haegeum player Lim Young-seo is the representative of Treadformation. After graduating from Samyuk Elementary School in Wonju, he completed the overall basics and basic courses of Korean traditional music at Seoul National Gugak Middle School and National Gugak High School. During this period, he was a violinist at the Wonju Youth Symphony Orchestra and studied the Haegeum major course at the Korea Institute for the Gifted in Arts, showing unsparing efforts to become both a Korean and western musician. Lim Young-seo, who started composing after entering Korea National University of Arts in 2022 as a Haegeum major at the School of Traditional Arts, composed a total of three songs. Through this opportunity, Lim Young-seo wants to grow into an artist who continues to make her own attempts to combine the various harmonious progressions of Western music with the charm of Haegeum that only Korean traditional music can have. 



임영서 Im Youngseo
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[Korean Traditional Music] (01) 임영서 - Beginning of the City
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Soyoung Joung - Artist Manegement ​

+82 (0)10 3492 5010

Kang Dong Hoon - Managerial Associate

+82 (0)10 9824 1421

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imaginary city


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