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Joyful, Ballet Class For Junior

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2023. 06. 08

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세상 모든 주니어를 위한 음악

홍효민 피아니스트 정규 앨범

[Joyful, Ballet Class for Junior]

봄과 여름, 아이와 성인

그 사이에 변화되는

감성과 리듬을

발레클래스를 위한

피아노 음악으로 담았습니다.


01. Ballet Class, Greetings

02. Ballet Class, Creative Dance

03. Ballet Class, Morning Balance

04. Ballet Class, Cat Jump

05. Ballet Class, Cliche

06. Ballet Class, Rainbow

07. Ballet Class, Playing Game

08. Ballet Class, Happy Time

09. Ballet Class, Waltz for My Friends

10. Ballet Class, Snow Rose

11. Ballet Class, Chocolate Balance

12. Ballet Class, Good-bye


Produced by 정소영(Soyoung Joung)

Directed by 이규영(Lee Kyu Young)

Piano by 홍효민(Hong Hyomin)

All Songs are composed by 홍효민

Recording 정소영 @DONGAKNUA

Mixing & Mastering by 양정모, 남서진 @DONGAKNUA

Marketing Management by 현수린

Art Worked & Video by 현수린

Media Planning by 구본승

A&R Director by 박미진, 김나연, 박은지

A&R by 한다혜, 원서희

Performing Arts 송지우, 허민서, 정혜진

Media Marketing & Promotion 현수린

Created by 동아크누아

발매사 동아크누아

기획사 동아크누아(DONGAKNUA)

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