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No Promises

Artist :

Chris Bolger

Release :

2023. 11. 10

Type :


Genre :


Playing Time :


경쾌한 사운드를 자아내는 파워 팝 앨범

크리스 볼져 정규 1집 [NO PROMISES]

전곡 작사&작곡한 크리스의 음악은

그의 파워풀한 보컬과 함께

아날로그 신디사이저의 묘미 또한 더했다.

이번 앨범은 실력 있는 뮤지션들인

드러머 데니스 디켄(Dennis Diken),

베이시스트 그라함 메이비(Graham Maby),

기타리스트 제임스 마스트로(James Mastro)의

라이브 연주로 경쾌한 파워 팝의 완성도를 높인

앨범으로 평가받는다.


01. Easier

02. Barbara Feldon

03. Souls Turn Blue

04. No Promises

05. Atlantic City Expressway

06. Geraldine

07. Tear That Cabin Down

08. What's It Got to Do With Me

09. Everything

10. Learning To Paint

11. Maybe

12. She Might Look My Way

13. Ships


Vocal by Chris Bolger

All songs are composed & Lyrics by Chris Bolger

Guitars, lead by Chris Bolger

Keyboards by Steve Gaechter

Bass by Graham Maby

Drums by Dennis Diken

Backing vocal by

Chris Bolger, Steve Gaechter, Graham Maby, Dennis Diken

01. Easier

Ed Alstrom: Electric rhythm guitar, Backing vocals

Peter & Laura Lekos: Backing vocals

02. Barbara Feldon

Rich Reiter: Saxes

03. Souls Turn Blue

Steve Gaechter: Piano & Harpsichord

04. No Promises

Chris Bolger: Mandolin, Lead Vocals

Graham Maby: Acoustic Guitar #1

Jim Mastro: Acoustic Guitar #2, Harmonica

Steve Gaechter: Reed Organ

Ed Alstrom: Upright Bass

Dennis Diken: Tambourine

No Promises Chorus: Everyone

05. Atlantic City Expressway

06. Geraldine

Steve Gaechter: Keyboards & Primordial Sax

07. Tear That Cabin Down

Richard Reiter: Saxes

08. What's It Got To Do With Me?

Chris Bolger: Dobro, Mandolin & Baritone Guitar

9. Everything

10. Learning to Paint

Steve Gaechter: Hammond Organ,Mandocello Moog

Ed Alstrom: Piano

11. Maybe

Chris Bolger: Acoustic guitar, Bass, Lead&Backing vocals

Andy Reidal: Hammond Organ

12. She Might Look My Way

13. Ships

(for Tom Parnham)

Ed Alstrom: Piano

Steve Gaechter: Hammond organ

Produced by Chris Bolger, Kostadin Kamcev & Dennis Diken

Mixing & Mastering by Kostadin Kamcev

Recorded @ Mozart Studios, Clifton, NJ

Art Worked by Daniel Kirk and Julia Gorton

Graphic designed by Chris Korzen


Executive Produced by 정소영(Soyoung Joung)

Directed by 이규영(Lee Kyu Young)

Video & Media Planning by 구본승

A&R Director by 박미진 A&R by 원서희, 홍효민, 정혜진

Performing Arts 송지우, 허민서

Marketing Management by 박은지

Promotion 구본승

Created by 동아크누아

발매사 동아크누아

기획사 동아크누아(DONGAKNUA)

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