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Here People who lead their lives with music.
There is 
People who create the value of life based on their endless efforts and their musicality. Unlike social competition, the most ideal musical value created by oneself. Musicians who wanted to share with many people gathered to create DONGAKNUA.

DONGAKNUA wants to grow together with you while walking on a unique musical path. In it for you comfort and joy of life and love with this I will always listen and strive to become musicians.


We will become music like a friend who always stays by your side in life.

Company Name


Establishment date

November 7, 2017


Soyoung Joung

Business Areas

​Information and communication industry / Manufacturing industry / Wholesale and retail industry / Service industry / Arts, sports and leisure related services

Music and performance planning / music & music distribution, digital content distribution / video production. Broadcast video production

Vinyl record manufacturing, clothing manufacturing / performance, entertainment related business

Business Address

Room 805, 806 Gangwon Innovation Knowledge Industry Center, 9 Segye-ro, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do


​Dongaknua Vision

​Your Friend, DONGAKNUA

Core Values


Innovative Convergence Art Thinking

Innovative Convergence Art Thinking Skills


A new definition of accessible music services

New Definition of Accessible Music Services

Quantum Jump

Rapid growth in the arts and music industry

The Rapid Growth of the Art and Music Industries

Certification & Awards

DONGAKNUA has music production technology &

Development of the Korean music industry 

for the challenge.


​Excellent technology evaluation certified company

(Record planning and production technology)

Nice D&B│2021.12.10


​Excellent Technology Company Certificate T5

Nice D&B│2021.12.10

표창장 동아크누아 정소영.jpg

​Citation for exemplary small business

Minister of SMEs and Startups│2021.11.04

ESG 수료증.jpg

ESG Certificate

Korea Creative Content Agency│2022.07.14

강원도배심원 위촉장.jpg

jury appointment

Gangwon-do Superintendent of Education│2022.01.11

부부축제 감사장.jpg

Certificate of Appreciation for Local Festivals

Wonju Family Center│2022.06.14

기억 대상.jpg

Awarded the grand prize at the Kangkon Creative Contest

Gangwon Information Culture Promotion Agency│2021.12.10


Innovation leader leading Korea



Innovative Korean Power Korea

Sports Seoul│2022.12.

way to come


805, 806Ho Gangwon Innovation Knowledge Industry Center, 9 Segye-ro, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do


Phone   (82)33 - 766 - 5010          

Fax       (82)02 - 6442 - 2901



Private car       

Set the navigation destination to 'Dongaknua'


Use the parking line in front of the main gate

Express Bus   

Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

Get off the Wonju Innovation City express bus


1. Get off at the Health Insurance Corporation  No. 6, 13, 100, 100-2

2. Get off at Korea Tourism Organization or Korea Gwanghae Mining

 No. 5-2, 16,  16-1, 18

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