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Piano Pieces for Ballet Class

Author Jung So-young / Musician

​published 2017.08.23.

김시원 January 책표지.jpg


Songbook for ballet class

Author Siwon Kim / Musician

​ issued 2021.01.13.

한다혜 표지 확정.jpg

Music Sway

Et Piano Pour Ballet

Author Ha Hae / Musician

​Published 2022.04.29.

손끝 발레 표지 앞면.jpg

Ballet at your fingertips

The story of ballet and piano music

Author Eunji Park / Musician

​published 2019.08.23.

위드뮤직 매거진 창간호 표지.jpg

With Music [WedMusiq] first issue

Western Dance Music Institute Magazine Vol.1

Author Western Dance Music Institute

​Published 2021.07.10

To. October 18th.jpg

To. October 18th

Painting, Novel, Music First love story

Author Cabe. L (KB.L)

​ issued 2022.10.18.

정소영 입시생을 위한 청음 문제집.jpg

Listening problem book for entrance exam students

High-difficulty practice preparation problem book

Author Jung So-young / Musician

​Published 2019.09.17.

정은경_다섯손가락과 함께 즉흥 춤을.jpg

Impromptu dance with five fingers

easy to learn and play piano

Author Jeong Eun-kyung / Musician

​Published 2022.04.01.


체계적으로 배우는


저자 최영신 / 음악가

​발행 2023.07.10

scheduled Books

김나연 1집 쟈켓 국내용.jpg


​Ballet Class Music Book

Author Nayeon Kim

​Scheduled to be issued April 2022

정소영_마음발레음악 [Deluxe Edition]_앨범 자켓_동아크누아.jpg

마음발레음악(Heart Ballet Music)

​발레음악 악보집

저자 정소영

​발행 예정 2023년 09월


(미정) Jump, Piano

​난이도별 피아노 교재

저자 정은경

​발행 예정 2023년 10월

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