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with your fingertips
meet ballet


 The Story of Ballet and Piano Music

「Ballet to meet at your fingertips」 is a story of ballet and piano music told by pianist Park Eun-ji. After selecting various composers of major works of romantic and classical ballet, they show the arrangement style that pursues the ballet of piano music by making variations that do not deviate greatly from the atmosphere of each piece. The short arrangements so that even beginners can easily play anywhere, adding to the charm of ballet music by clearly showing the clarity of the story.

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Eunji Park

Park Eun-ji, who fell in love with ballet music, majored in classical piano at Chongshin University. He is a pianist and educator who pursues more creative music education, such as applying ballet music that provides a lot of imagination to the piano, based on his experience of free music education in New Zealand, which has a clear and transparent natural environment as a child.Currently selected as a new artist in Goyang City in 2021, he is an artist belonging to the Western Dance Music Research Institute, art planning and performances. 

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