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Music Sway
Et Piano Pour Ballet


The book 〈Musique Sway〉 is a piano sheet music book created for ballet classes. This book contains piano sheet music and ballet theory together. The first chapter explains the terms and theories of the main ballet movements for ballet pianists and the general public who are new to ballet music, and the second and third chapters are composed of bar wok and center wok. The whole song is a pure original song by author Han Ha-hye. In the last chapter, the four class songs with a high playing level are arranged more easily than the original songs, so that even beginners can play them. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a QR code that allows you to enjoy all the songs in the music book to help you play the piano.

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Han Da Hye

The author Han Ha-hye, who was interested in composition while playing the piano, was fascinated by ballet music that could add newness and improvisation to music. After majoring in music, she is learning and researching ballet classes and general aspects of ballet music, and writing about ballet music through dance music magazine “WEDUSIQ”. Han Ha-hye released her first full-length album as a collaboration work with dance, and is growing into an artist who prefers convergence art of various genres, including art. Currently, he is working as an exclusive artist for Dongaknua and a researcher at the Institute of Western Dance Music.

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