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Nayoen Kim

Piano, Composer


Pianist Nayeon Kim studied solo piano, opera coaching, ballet and dance music in Korea and Germany. Having studied various musical genres that the piano can have, her performance has both academic aspects and practicality. Nayeon Kim started her career as a ballet pianist at the Rostock Theater in Germany. After receiving a master's degree in dance music from Korea National University of Arts, she started her career as a ballet pianist in Korea. She worked as a ballet pianist at Chung-Ang University and participated in the Seoul International Dance Competition in 2018 as a music director and class pianist. Currently, he is working as a ballet pianist, an exclusive artist for Dong-Aknua, and a senior researcher at the Western Dance Music Research Center at Korea National University of Arts Youngjaewon, communicating with the public through album work and various performances.




Soyoung Joung - Artist Manegement ​

+82 (0)10 3492 5010

Bonseung Koo - Managerial Associate

+82 (0)10 5828 3545

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