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눈 덮인 산

The First Book

You & I
Piano Pieces for Ballet Class


Composer Jung So-young's ballet class music [You&I], which sang about love and life, is a piano sheet music book composed of bar work that can be expressed as a person's life journey.

It is a ballet class music for ballet pianists, and at the same time, it is a special sheet music book for many music lovers who want to enjoy only music.

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The Second Book

for entrance exam students
aural workbook


This is a practical preparation problem book for those who are at an intermediate level or higher who want to improve their listening skills and those who are preparing for the composition and conducting departments of major music universities such as Korea National University of Arts and Seoul National University. 「Audience problem book for entrance exam students」 is composed of single melody (10 questions), 2-voice (10 questions), and 4-voice (10 questions) examples from level 1 to 5 based on the entrance exam students. If you solve 3 problems every day as a set, it consists of a total of 1 month. In order to show off your listening skills without panicking during the entrance exam, you need to solve many problems in a similar environment. It will be a good resource for entrance exam students and high school students who are about to take the exam.

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Soyoung Jung, CEO of Dong-Aknua

The comfort, joy and love of life

Open a new horizon in music.

- Monthly InnTour 2022. Song Nyeon-ho

Reporter Jeong Si-jun -

'Soyoung Joung,

CEO of Dongaknua

With the comfort, joy, and love of life. open new horizons for music'

The Monthly Interview

Dec. 2022 

Praise & Reviews

through various cultural and artistic contents

enrich people's lives

- DayGan Sports Seoul

​Reporter Jin Myeong-gi -

'Enriching the lives of the public through various cultural and artistic contents'
The Sports Seoul

Dec. 2022

Music that is far from everyday life

I can't help but lose my vitality

- New Year's Issue of Monthly Newsmaker

​Reporter Hwang In-sang -

'Music that is far from everyday life is bound to lose its vitality.'

The Monthly Newsmaker

Jan. 2023


Soyoung Joung

Composer Jeong So-yeong who creates beauty

born in Seoul

Korea National University of Arts Music and Dance Academy

​graduating and studying conducting at Juilliard in New York

He completed his doctoral course at Kyung Hee University.

Working as a maumbale music creator

He is the CEO of Dong Akhnua and the director of the Western Dance Music Research Institute.

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